Awesome moves for awesome abs

New POP Pilates flat abs workout!  Awesome moves for awesome abs - Seriously!!! Can u name all 3 songs?   more»
5 Minute Pilates Workout

My Pilates practice allows me to build strength

Yesterday I was at a meeting and was asked what I do for a living and when I responded saying that I am a Pilates teacher the woman said oh that's just like yoga, right?First, let me describe Pilat...   more»

Pilates has kept me strong and lean

Happy Saturday friends! This is coming to you a bit late this morning.  I decided to sleep in.  After 3 hours at my hair salon, I was exhausted last night.  #sleepdoesabodygood Today let’s chat pil...   more»
Delights and Delectables

It's really not about getting a six pack

We talked about belly breathing yesterday, and today I'd like to talk about core strength. Far too often, I get asked how many crunches one needs to do in order to get that coveted six pack. First ...   more»
A Daily Dose of Fit

You can tone without weights

I want to first preface this post A few days ago I had a guest post about CrossFit written by Danielle (thanks again lady!). I decided to have Madison talk about her own opinion on Pilates here bec...   more»
Amazing Asset

Develop postural awareness

Several years ago, I picked up a cheap Pilates DVD. I watched it once through completely and tried to do it on the second watch. It was difficult and the cues the instructor used didn't make a whol...   more»
Run Sqrl, Run!

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