Focus On: Zumba

I smiled & laughed the ENTIRE class

Good Morning My Precious Coconuts!  ....FINALLY! Friday has arrived! Woop! Woop!  Before I get this booty off to Beantown, I wanted to share my much anticipated ZUMBA experience with y'all! Here...   more»
The Daily Dubie
Is ZIN worth it?
Saturday Review: Aqua Zumba®

I wanted to teach Zumba too

When Tina convinced me to take my first Zumba class in August of 2011, I had no idea what to expect. I went to class feeling nervous and awkward. I made it through the first class despite having tw...   more»
Run Sqrl, Run!

A fun way to move and burn extra calories

Whenever things are stressful and stuff is going on, dancing always has a way of helping me put things in perspective, or even just forget about them and enjoy the moment. I mentioned before that ...   more»
The Fitnessista

Zumba was there with me the entire way

If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you know that I adore zumba. I love the music, the moves, and its energy. To me, there’s almost nothing as calming or joyful as dancing. And given zumba’s popular...   more»
Sarah's Sweet Lips

The unexpected cardio workout

As you know, I love to try new fitness classes. In LA, I took a SoulCycle class the morning after I landed in LA at 7 AM. I also paid a visit to Pop Physique the day after my 6.5 hour fitness shoot...   more»
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Have you added Zumba to your fitness routine?

  • Sarah_R
    i love zumba! It's key to find a good instructor you jive with though - everyone's different!