Homemade Horchata
vegan tortilla soup
Chipotle Black Bean Tacos

Load up on the Veggies!

Hola! Hola! Mis Amiguitos Preciosos! ...("my precious little friends" en EspaƱol) It's time to get those Maracas OUT and Sombreros ON ... Because we're just 10 days shy of.... Maraca Shaking Mom...   more»
The Daily Dubie
Skinny Shrimp Salsa
Marriage Means Sharing

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What's your favorite kind of Mexican meat?

  • Black beans... if it has to be meat, then mahi mahi
  • Lea Ann @ Mommy's Wish List
    Does Ceviche count as meat?
  • Gigi927
    Carne Asada!!!