Always pack snacks

I’m a picky eater, and everyone around me knows it. I often get questions like “Do you eat this?” or “Do you like that?” Generally, I think, people are surprised by my answers. For the record: ...   more»
Brownies and Zucchini
The Maintain Challenge

Avoid the regret of over-consumption

How many times have you vowed to not overeat at a holiday party with family and friends yet still indulge regardless of your commitment to your weight loss and lifestyle plan? Your heart is saying...   more»
Sugar-Free Mom

Slow and small bites

Beat Holiday Weight Gain with these sneaky tips! Have your Cake and Eat it too !!! Holidays! The word conjures up parties, potlucks, reunions and also large quantities of extravagant delicio...   more»
Sue's Nutrition Buzz

Stay away from the supersize

Keep an eye on your portions. Learn how to control your portions and stay away from the super size.   more»
Anytime Health

Don't deprive yourself

Yes, I realize it is getting cold… …but it’s hot after I come in from running! A couple of weeks ago I posted about Peet’s coffee (and how to help a hangover). I’m still enjoying ...   more»
Sprint 2 the Table

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How do you avoid overeating during the holiday season?