Why we don’t count protein

One of my daughter’s lunches that received a lot of comments about not containing enough protein: Bell pepper and carrot slices, homemade ranch dip made with sour cream, a frozen smoothie pop made ...   more»
100 Days of Real Food

Does the reason for saying “no” really matter?

I am learning that being offered processed food when you’d rather avoid it is a hot topic. The other day on Facebook I asked, “What do you do when someone offers your children a treat that’s likely...   more»
100 Days of Real Food

Can a picky eater really be converted?

Can someone please explain at what point in history it was decided that children’s menus would only offer the following? Hamburger/Cheeseburger with French Fries (or Chips) Hot Dog/Corn Dog) with F...   more»
100 Days of Real Food

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