It’s a lifestyle

My name is Camilla and I follow a Paleo diet. Paleo is, simply put, lots of naturally sourced meat, fruits, veggies, fats (including natural sources of saturated fat), nuts and seeds. It excludes a...   more»
Carrots 'N' Cake
Paleo Vanilla Chai Pancakes

It’s just not for me

I’ve been toying with writing this post for a while now. Even though I’ve hinted at it, it’s one of those things I wasn’t quite sure how to explain. I quit the paleo diet. For most, that’s not a bi...   more»
The Bold Blend
Roasted tomato cashew “hummus”

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Have you tried the Paleo style of eating?

  • Paleoliscious
    I have been eating paleo for 2 years now. I even have a cool paleo food blog here: http://paleoliscious.blogspot....