Try Moving Meditation

I needed a guided meditation.

I finally started meditating last summer.  It was so funny.  My boyfriend had seen Deepak Chopra on Dr. Oz and recorded it for me.  I watched the show and really felt encouraged to start meditating...   more»
Beauty Au Natural
Praying Without Ceasing

I want to live more mindfully.

“Meditation is the gateway, through which you arrive to the world of freedom.” – Unknown Amanda from Run to the Finish hit the nail on the head when she said, “Do you ever feel like...Read the full...   more»
Creative Soul in Motion

Cooking is a kind of meditation for me...

When I want to feel great? REALLY GREAT!!! I eat this! I'm calling this recipe Angel Hair, firstly because I've been very inspired by the wonderful book, Angels in my Hair, which I highly recommend...   more»
Feeling Food

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How often do you take the time to Meditate?