Teaching my children gratitude

Day 9: Today I'm grateful for the opportunity to give to or serve others, and that we are blessed with the resources to do so.If there's one thing I fear, it's raising an ungrateful child. Probably...   more»
The Iowa Farmer's Wife

I'm just grateful for what I've got

                             http://pinterest.com/pin/146930006563048931/Somedays I'm grateful for the little things like a parking spot in a full lot.  Somedays I'm grateful for the big things lik...   more»
Ladies Holiday

10 Ways My Children Are Thankful

A few years ago, I decided to do a thankful tree during the month of November. I printed out blank leaves from Enchanted Learning. At dinner time, I wrote down what each of the 7 of us was thankful...   more»
A Life in Balance
Things I Know

Thankful for little things

Sometimes it's a struggle to be thankful when you have health problems. It's easy to look for greener grass and when others bring up the fact that there are many who have it worse than you, instead...   more»
Untypically Jia

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What are you thankful for this year?

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