Adds shine, moisture, and a wonderful scent

By now, you’ve probably come across coconut oil in some capacity. You certainly have if you’ve been reading my blog within the past year! But it’s starting to show up on more and more healthy foods...   more»
The Particular Kitchen
Honey Crunch Banana Bread
homemade chewy fudge granola bars.
DIY Baby Wipes
Raw Almond Joy Granola

Help clear up dandruff

By now you have probably seen coconut oil used in a lot of low carb and paleo recipes, but did you know there are several other ways to use coconut oil? I love coconut oil because of the medium-cha...   more»
Living Low Carb...One Day at a Time
Coconut Oil for Health & Skin?

Homemade Natural Deodorant

It's been awhile since I've shared a DIY I experimented with so today I bring you homemade deodorant. I'm sure someone I know reading this will think I've totally lost it and am about to run for th...   more»
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